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Roundnet arrived in Canada when Charles Henri, the former president of Roundnet Canada, bought his first Spikeball set in April, 2014.  His interest in the sport led him to attend Spikeball's Summer Spike tournament at Coney Island Beach less than 2 months later. At Summer Spike, conversations with Spikeball CEO Chris Ruder resulted in Charles bringing 20 sets back across the border, and then eventually selling 100 more to Québecois enthusiasts by the end of August. 

A few months later, in Canadian fashion, the first tournament ever hosted in the country was on a frosty (0°C!) November 15 in Montreal. With nearly 50 teams registered, including the eventual American victors Creamsicle, it was clear that the sport was becoming popular.

The city of Montreal later continued its roundnet fairytale by becoming the first non-American city to host a Spikeball Roundnet Association (SRA) Tour Stop in 2017.

Building on its success in 2014, the sport has flourished not only in Québec but in other provinces such as British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.  See the timeline below to look at some historic milestones. 


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