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Last updated January 6th, 2024

British Columbia
Blake Bosak
Emerson Dean
Spencer Longfellow
Vincent Mathieu
Etienne Cote
Tyler Babin
Walter Bonilla
Olivier Laurin
Justin Plett
Chris Brown
Jesse Lentz
Marc Etienne McLaughlin
Eddy Leung
Nicholas Puopolo
Felix Chen
Guilaume Jomphe
Ivan Zeng
Ben Pernfuss
David Navaita
Maxime Prince
Carlin Vicera
Reilly Paquette
Keaton Kirchner
Guillaume Bilodeau
Will Ries
Leonardo Tullo
Derek Kirchner
Alexandre Bellemare
Bram Declercq
Colin Tolentino
Austin Bueckert
Thomas Déry
Jovan Tang
Josh Sarmiento
David Van den Bijgaart
Jean-Philippe Miller-Dussault
Lucas Peng
Shakil Nobes
Conrad Gengenbach
Anthony St-Martin
Elijah Kim
Eric Reinke
Josh Reimer
Scott Pasiechnyk
Tyus DeVries
Peter Lam
Evan Kung
Lou Paradis
Josiah Hoeppner
Bryan Fonseca
Élie Pilon
Carlos Nakamura
Austin Ha
Vincent Bastrash
Blake Clarke
Adrian Garcea
Manouk Momo
Nick Wideman
Adam Hassan
Olivier Aglot
Maddie Morehouse
C.J. Sison
Francis Ouimet
Kyle Jueng
David Conac
Shane Soto
Samuel Prince
Jared Ang
Samuel Poirier
Tyler Kitzul
Thomas Lemieux
Tim Clifford
Simon Guillemette
Nathan Goh
Jé Gagnon
Kelton Law
Charles Desgens
Anthony Cho
Kevin Labrosse
Joshua Hachey
Julien Paquette
Brandon Farronato
Karl Pominville
Joey Renaud
Felix Leblanc
Nathaniel Gabriel
Gabriel Monfette
Calyn Kir
Benoit Carrier
Derek Soetemans
Jordan Meredith
Brendan Reesor
Alexandre Fortier
Andrew Collard
Thomas Langlois
Brock Leibold
William Chenier
Sumer Dass
Guillaume Bollard
PA Gaumond
Joel Laliberte
Chris Loubert
William Garant
Gavin De Moura
Luc Vincent Guay
Siddhartha Datta
Nicolas Leroux
Cody Ravindran
Xaiver Lambert
David Conac
Thomas Dufresne


During the 2023 Season, any provincial circuit stop can award Canadian elite status to everyone who finishes in the top 50% in their provincial “Elite” divisions and/or is equal to the highest division.

If a province has an elite division it must use its elite division to qualify for Nationals. If a tournament is combining elite and advanced due to low attendance the tournament will be ineligible to be used as a qualifier.

The following Provinces currently have an Elite Division in place: British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec. These provinces will use the top 50%.

Ontario is using a Challenger Division for the 2023 season, and because there is no qualification to play in that division Ontario will be using the top 33% at a circuit stop event.

The Atlantic Coast will be awarding Elite National Bids for Podium finishers at their three events. If a team comes from out of province to the Atlantic Coast they cannot earn a bid here. For Example, if a team from Ontario goes to Halifax and comes 2nd, they will not earn a bid, and the bid will be awarded down to 4th place. This scenario is only applicable to the Atlantic Coast.

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